Burnt Offerings

Robert Marasco


One of the scariest and most inventive haunted house novels ever written, Burnt Offerings chronicles the story of Ben and his family, renting a house out in the New York countryside, and the horror that unfolds there.
      In this new edition, William F. Nolan, who wrote the screenplay for the 1976 film directed by Dan Curtis, elucidates why the novel is so effective, and speaks eloquently about his work in adapting the novel for the big screen. Includes cover art by J.K. Potter, an interior full color piece by Tomislav Tikulin, film stills, original hardcover artwork, and movie posters, most all of it reprinted in color. Signed by William F. Nolan and J.K. Potter. Limited to just 150 copies for sale.

edition information

  • Limited to 150 copies, each signed by William F. Nolan and J.K. Potter.
  • Afterword by William F. Nolan.
  • Cover artwork by J.K. Potter.
  • Frontispiece artwork by Tomislav Tikulin.
  • Includes a photograph of the author, original hardcover artwork, movie posters, and film stills.
  • Head and tail bands, three-piece cloth construction, printed cloth covers, clear Mylar dustjacket.