Run from the Hunter

Charles Beaumont


It was a Festival for Death. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Mardi Gras, murder lurked in masquerade, and a man — the wrong man — was being tracked like a tiger through every street and alley of the godforsaken town.
       Written by Charles Beaumont and John Tomerlin in the mid-Fifties under the joint pseudonym of Keith Grantland, Run from the Hunter is a crime-suspense thriller.
       Framed for the murder of Steffany Fontaine, the novel’s protagonist, Chris Adams is being taken to prison when he escapes, returns to the scene of the crime, and, while hunted by the police, searches for Steffany’s real killer. Every street and alley, however, will lead him to the place where the killers wait.
       This hardcover edition, which features a new introduction by John Tomerlin, marks not only the novel’s first appearance since 1960, but also the first appearance of this important work under the byline of Beaumont and Tomerlin.
       This book also includes the Beaumont-Tomerlin short story Moon in Gemini, which concerns a young expectant mother’s despairing journey into paranoia.

edition information

  • Limited to 200 copies, each signed by John Tomerlin, with a facsimile signature by Charles Beaumont.
  • Insightful introduction by John Tomerlin.
  • Bonus short story, Moon in Gemini.
  • Previous hardcover and paperback edition of Run from the Hunter, reprinted in color.
  • Ribbon marker, head and tail bands, sewn binding, and other extras.
  • Original book price: $45.
  • Published March 2013.
  • ISBN 978-1-61347-030-5.