Swords and Ice Magic

Fritz Leiber


That swashbuckling, debonair duo, Fafhrd and Gray Mouser, are back at it again in Swords and Ice Magic, indulging in their vices while evading their mortal enemies and scoffing at the Gods. All in a day’s work for these strapping lads who are only too cavalier to check their six when a token wench walks past. Age may be catching up with them, making the tides of war give way to calmer waters. But that doesn’t mean they still don’t have a trick up their leather bootstraps.
      Enter the fray and join in their exploits as they: outwit the eternal clutches of Death in cheeky style (and on more than one occasion!), pontificate their existence while confined to their faithful ship at sea, and defy the frigid monsters of Frost Monstreme after heeding the call from none other than two distressed warrior women.
      Watch as the pair are aided by their sorcerer mentors, Sheelba of the Eyeless Face and Ningauble of the Seven Eyes, who prevent their dried-out bodies from populating the barren desert lands of Nehwon. And visit them making amends with the people of Rime Isle, who they swore to save from a throng of Sea Mingols.
      No extreme heat, godly ice bath, or societal upheaval is powerful enough to keep them from acting out their escapades and collecting the priceless booty vowed to them at the end of a long-fought journey.
      With Fritz Lieber’s Swords and Ice Magic, readers will be regaled by the infusion of magick, mirth, marauding, and enough steely envy to upset even the Gods. And with language and action that harks back to a time of antiquity and romanticism not unlike a Greek comedy, you won’t soon be disappointed by the ride you’ve embarked on. Not while Fafhrd takes the drink orders and Gray Mouser toasts to victory.

The sixth book in the series, Swords and Ice Magic, includes “The Sadness of the Executioner,” “Beauty and the Beasts,” “Trapped in the Shadowland,” “The Bait,” “Under the Thumbs of the Gods,” “Trapped in the Sea of Stars,” “The Frost Monstreme,” and “Rime Isle.”
      Bonus materials include three interviews: by Darrell Schweitzer from Philcon, 1990; by Eric M. Heideman, Rodger Gerberding, and Terry A. Garey from the Radisson South Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota on March 25, 1989; and by Robert P. Barger for his Fafhrd & Gray Mouser fanzine, The Silver Eel (1978). Plus, there’s one discussion by uncredited with Fritz Lieber in addition to two essays by Fritz Leiber (“Weird and Wonderful” and “Monsters & Monster Lovers”).
      This book features an introduction by Richard A. Lupoff and artwork by Richard Hescox. It is signed by both of them and also has a family-approved facsimile signature by Fritz Leiber. It features five interior illustrations, a full-color frontispiece, a full color wraparound dustjacket, and custom illustrated endpapers.

edition information

  • Signed edition is limited to 300 copies, each signed by Richard A. Lupoff and Richard Hescox.
  • Bound in full black cloth, blind stamping on front board.
  • Artwork by Richard Hescox.
  • Introduction by Richard A. Lupoff.
  • Gorgeous dustjacket on Mohawk Superfine.
  • Head and tail bands, ribbon marker.
  • Published July 2022.
  • ISBN 978-1-61347-180-7.
  • Book size 6 × 9 inches.
  • Number of pages: 334.