The Averoigne Chronicles

Clark Ashton Smith


The Averoigne stories of Clark Ashton Smith are among the most vivid and breathtaking in all of fantasy literature. Clark Ashton Smith’s unparalleled imagination is complimented by the artwork of David Ho, who has created 12 double-page, full color artworks, one for each story, plus an assortment of small devices.
      Combined with the stunning illustrations, we have an oversize format, over 11 inches tall, with four color printing throughout on silky Italian paper. With printed endsheets, ribbon marker, signature page, and cloth binding in Italian Cialux cloth, all wrapped in a stunning dustjacket, this is probably the finest book ever created for Clark Ashton Smith’s works.
      Above everything else, Averoigne is beautiful and magical. Clark Ashton Smith was a poet of vast talent and his powers seem particularly evident when he sets them to evoking this strange, medieval land and its wonders. All of his stories resonate and haunt — you are far from finished with them when you’ve read them and put them down — but the spells woven by these tales seem to have a particular persistence.
      All the legends make it quite clear that anyone rash enough to visit a real fairyland will never quite manage to leave it again entirely, and, in that fairy sense, Averoigne is real. Once you’ve read this book you’ll find you’ve been authentically enchanted by a master sorcerer and for the rest of your life you must expect to be periodically wafted willy-nilly far away from ordinary things. One moment you’ll be on a crowded bus, and the next you’ll be wandering down a flowery pathway by the River Isoile; another time when you’ve almost gotten yourself to sleep in some lonely hotel room, you’ll suddenly be lost amid tall, grey trees perilously close to the tomb of Malinbois; and staring fixedly into space with your mind on nothing in particular, will almost certainly cause you to revisit that interesting Inn near Sylaire.
      The edition is limited to 200 signed and numbered copies. This is an extremely short run and will sell out quickly. Signed copies are sold out; please note that we only have unsigned copies available.

edition information

  • Limited to 200 copies, each signed by David Ho, Donald Sidney-Fryer, and editor Ron Hilger, with a facsimile signature by Clark Ashton Smith.
  • New introduction by Gahan Wilson.
  • Gorgeous full color printing on sumptuous Italian paper.
  • Over a dozen original illustrations.
  • Ribbon marker, head and tail bands.
  • Original book price: $225.
  • Published October 2016.
  • ISBN 978-1-61347-166-1.