Hell House

Richard Matheson


A shining exemplar of the haunted house genre, Hell House is a terrifying classic. Now in a new edition with a a fine front cover image cover gallery and from old editions, a movie poster, and a lengthy, 30-page interview with Matheson by James H. Burns. William F. Nolan has written a insightful introduction to the book wherein he talks about the novel and his long relationship with Matheson.
      This edition is oversize at 7  × 10 inches with a printed cloth front panel, and luxurious velvety cloth spine and back panels. The book is enclosed in a cloth-bound slipcase lined with black on the inside. The book also has a top-edge stain and ribbon marker. There are color endpapers and a cover gallery inside, along with a handsome photograph of Matheson. This classic novel has finally received the deluxe treatment it deserves. At only 100 copies for sale, it will sell out quickly. We are offering it at $25 off for one week only.
      Each numbered copy is signed by William F. Nolan, Harry O. Morris, and James H. Burns. There is a facsimile signature by Richard Matheson which Mr Matheson and his representative authorized. The edition is limited to 100 copies for sale. Sample page spreads appear below.

edition information

  • Limited to 100 copies, each signed by Harry O. Morris, William F. Nolan, James H. Burns, and a facsimile signature by Richard Matheson.
  • Lengthy, 30-page interview with Matheson by James H. Burns.
  • New introduction by William F. Nolan.
  • Illustrated, four-color endpapers.
  • Cover gallery of old editions of Hell House.
  • Head and tail bands, ribbon marker, printed cloth cover, felt cloth.
  • Cloth slipcase.
  • Original book price: $100.
  • Published August 2011.
  • ISBN 978-1-933618-85-2.