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Algernon Blackwood


British writer Algernon Blackwood (1869-1951) wrote an immense quantity of weird fiction, short and long, over a career that spanned five decades. Beginning with such early triumphs as The Willows (which H. P. Lovecraft regarded as the greatest weird tale in all literature) and The Listener, Blackwood went on to write many distinctive stories that reflected his wide-ranging travels in the Swiss Alps (The Glamour of the Snow), Canada (The Wendigo), and Egypt (Sand, A Descent into Egypt). He also created the psychic detective John Silence. Blackwood’s work is united by a deep belief in pantheism and reincarnation, and his tales are characterized by a profound understanding of the psychological effects of terror and wonder upon the receptive individual.
      This volume presents a wide array of Blackwood’s weird tales, including a number of his substantial novellas, a form in which he excelled. The most accurate and authoritative texts are used, and the volume concludes with a bibliography of first apparances of all the items included.
      The volume is edited by S. T. Joshi, a leading authority on weird fiction. Joshi is the author of The Weird Tale (1990),The Modern Weird Tale (2001), and Unutterable Horror: A History of Supernatural Fiction (2012), and he has prepared editions of the work of H.P. Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany, Arthur Machen, Ambrose Bierce, and many other weird writers.

edition information

  • Limited to 500 copies.
  • Introduction by S. T. Joshi.
  • Massive, 800-page, low-cost edition of Blackwood’s best stories.
  • Ribbon marker, head and tail bands, full black cloth binding.
  • Embossed Algernon Blackwood signature on front board.
  • Gorgeous dustjacket.
  • Photographs of Algernon Blackwood.
  • Original book price: $60.
  • Published May 2014.
  • ISBN 978-1-61347-047-3.