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The items below marked "John Pelan Collection" are all wrapped in plastic. All used books are in new condition unless otherwise noted, wrapped up in a nice clear bag. All paperbacks and hardcovers listed are either first editions or first printings. John had excellent taste and when he bought a book in new condition, it stayed in new condition. Please be confident that you are getting top-flight books in excellent, although probably a tad less than perfect, shape!

John Pelan Collection
Jack Snow
Dark Music and Other Spectral Tales
Herald, 1947. Very good in very good dustjacket. $20.

John Pelan Collection
Norman Spinrad
The Solarians
Paperback Library 50cent paperback. Signed by the author. Fine. $20.

John Pelan Collection
M. R. James
Collected Ghost Stories
Wordsworth hardcover. Fine in dustjacket. $7.

John Pelan Collection
Melanie Tem
Dell Abyss paperback. Fine. $10.

John Pelan Collection
The Years Best Horror Stories
The Years Best Horror Stories
Seventeen volumes. Volume 1 through 17 complete. The first volume is a little worn but all the others are fine. Very very hard to find all of these in one set. $650 for the set.

John Pelan Collection
A. Merritt
Les Habitants Du Mirage
French trade paperback of Dwellers in the Mirage, well printed with all of the Finlay illustrations. $10.

John Pelan Collection
Stephen Gallagher
Valley of Lights
Tor paperback. Fine. $6.

John Pelan Collection
Ed. Parke Godwin
Invitation to Camelot
Ace paperback. Fine. $5.

John Pelan Collection
Leonard Cline
The Lady of Frozen Death
Necronomicon Press, 1992. First edition. Fine. $25.

John Pelan Collection
Fredric Brown
Before She Kills
Dennis McMillan paperback. Fine. $15.

John Pelan Collection
David Garnett
Lady Into Fox
Penguin old paperback. Fine. $6.

John Pelan Collection
Norman Spinrad
Bug Jack Barron
Avon 95 cent paperback. Fine. $6.

John Pelan Collection
Elizabeth Scarborough
Song of Sorcery
Bantam original paperback. Fine. Signed by the author. $20.

John Pelan Collection
C. L. Moore
Doomsday Morning
Avon 35Ę paperback. Fine. $10.

John Pelan Collection
John Wyndham
New English Library paperback very good. $6.

John Pelan Collection
John Wyndham
The Seeds of Time
Penguin paperback fine. $6.

John Pelan Collection
Arthur Leo Zagat
Graveyard Honeymoon [and] The Man From Hell
Two paperbacks. $30 for both.

John Pelan Collection
Gordon Eklund
The Eclipse of Dawn
Ace paperback, 1971. Fine. $5.

John Pelan Collection
Gordon Eklund
A Trace of Dreams
Ace paperback, 1970s. Fine. $5.

John Pelan Collection
J. T. McIntosh
Snow White and the Giants
Avon paperback, 1960s. Fine. $5.

John Pelan Collection
H. Rider Haggard and Andrew Lang
The Worlds Desire
Ballantine paperback. Fine. $5.

John Pelan Collection
The Creeps Omnibus
Contains Creeps, Shudders, Shivers. Philip Alan, 1935. Fine in facsimile dustjacket. $150.

John Pelan Collection
Flannery Oconnor
The Complete Stories
Farrar, Straus & Giroux hardcover. Fine in sunned dustjacket. $15.

John Pelan Collection
Hugh Walpole
The Killer and the Slain
Doubleday Doran. Fine in very good dustjacket. $20.

John Pelan Collection
Manly Wade Wellman
Twice In Time
Galaxy paperback. Fine. $15.

Gene Simmons figures Two nice Gene Simmons oversize figures. One I think is from McFarlane Toys. Gene, 1975. And Gene, 1979 Dynasty era. No boxes. $20 for both.

Dr. Strange #176 Marvel Comics. CGC Graded 9.0 Very nice. $175.

Graphis Book Design Graphis Press, 1996.. First edition. Fine in dustjacket. Very handsome oversize book. $30.

Weird Fiction Review Issues 8 and 9. $500. I am selling these for a customer.

Weird Fiction Review Issues 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Seven issues in all. $1500.

George Orwell 1984. Suntup Press. Numbered edition. Fine in dustjacket and slipcase. Selling for a customer $900.

Karl Edward WagnerIn a Lonely Place. Scream Press, 1984. 1st edition Limited #187/ 250 Fine in slipcase.   Signed by Wagner, Val Lakey Lindahn, and Ron Lindahn. $500.

McCoy Tyner Six original Impulse jazz LPs on four CDs with an unreleased session. Today and Tomorrow, Plays Ellington, others. $10 .

Peter Straub  
Floating Dragon
Putnam, 1983. 6th printing. Fine in dustjacket. $20.

The Horned Manby James Lasdun. Norton. First edition. Fine in dustjacket. $10.

The Club Dumas slipcaseThese are extra slipcases that I have for The Club Dumas. New in shrinkwrap. $20.

Dune Messiah slipcaseThese are extra slipcases that I have for Dune Messiah. New in shrinkwrap. $30.

Philip K. Dick slipcaseThese are extra slipcases that I have for the three Philip K. Dick novels I did a couple of years ago: The Cosmic Puppets, Vulcan’s Hammer, Dr. Futurity. New in shrinkwrap. $35.

Waltz Into Darkness Cornell Woolrich. Centipede Press. #VIII. Fine in dustjacket and shrinkwrap. $250.

The Director Shouldve Shot YouClassic book by Alan Dean Foster. Clearance priced. New in shrinkwrap. Not signed. $20.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle Shirley Jackson. Unsigned copies. We have a few with dented slipcases but otherwise fine. $350.

The Books in My Life Henry Miller. New Directions trade paperback, $3.

The Awakening of Intelligence J. Kirshnamurti. HarperCollins trade paperback, 9th printing. Fine. $3.

Cinemaphagy on the films of Tobe Hooper Scout Tafoya. Miniver Pess, 2021. Fine. $20.

Down and Dirty Pictures Peter Biskind. Bloomsbury, 2004. Fine in dustjacket. $10. Great film book.

Book Art Object Published by the Codex Foundation, 2008. Huge, heavy, oversize book. Fine in dustjacket. $95.

Palatino: The Natural History of a Typeface Robert Bringhurst. David Godine, 2016. Fine in dustjacket. $35.

Printers Devil: The Life and Work of Frederic Warde Simon Loxley. David Godine, 2013. Fine without dustjacket as issued. Great gift. $20.

Type Revivals Type Revivals. David Godine, 2019. Fine in dustjacket. Great gift. Handsome oversize book. $30.

Kirby King of Comics Mark Evanier. Abrams, 2008. Fine in Mylar wrapped dustjacket. $35.

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