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The items below marked "John Pelan Collection" are all wrapped in plastic. All used books are in new condition unless otherwise noted, wrapped up in a nice clear bag. All paperbacks and hardcovers listed are either first editions or first printings. John had excellent taste and when he bought a book in new condition, it stayed in new condition. Please be confident that you are getting top-flight books in excellent, although probably a tad less than perfect, shape! John Pelan Collection
Jessica Amanda Salmonson, editor
Amazons [and] Amazons II
Daw paperbacks, 1979 and 1982. Both signed by Salmonson on the title pages. Both fine. $50 for both.

John Pelan Collection
David Lindsay
Caroll & Graf, 1988. Fine in dustjacket. $15.

John Pelan Collection
Keith Laumer
The Infinite Cage
Dobson, 1972. Fine in dustjacket. $25.

John Pelan Collection
Keith Laumer
Envoy to New Worlds
Dobson, 1972. Fine in dustjacket. $25.

John Pelan Collection
Keith Laumer and Gordon Dickson
Planet Run
Hale hardcover. Fine in dustjacket. $15.

John Pelan Collection
John Shirley
Three-Ring Psychus
Zebra, 1980. First edition. Fine paperback. Signed on the title page by John Shirley. $25.

John Pelan Collection
ed. Clifford D. Simak
The Goblin Reservation
Berkley 75 cent paperback. Fine. Richard Powers cover. $10.

John Pelan Collection
ed. Lord Dunsany
Collected Jorkens volumes 1-3
Night Shade Boooks, 2004 and 2005. Fine without dustjackets as issued. $800.

John Pelan Collection
Robert Holdstock
Faber, 1977. First edition. Fine in dustjacket. $20.

John Pelan Collection
John Brunner
From This Day Forward [and] Foreign Constellations
Doubleday 1972 and Everest House 1980. Both very good to fine in fine dustjackets. Nice hardcovers. $30 for both.

John Pelan Collection
ed. Gardner Dozois
Galactic Empires
Science Fiction Book Club. Fine in dustjacket. $5.

John Pelan Collection
Maldoror and complete works
Exchange Change trade paperback. $10.

John Pelan Collection: Comics   Marvel Masterworks The Mighty Avengers  Up for sale here we have the "silver" Marvel Masterworks, Avengers, volumes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 14. This covers the Avengers up through the mid 130s issues of the mid 70s. The other volumes are the older style Marvel Masterworks with the marbled background and gold inlay on the cover. These three volumes cover Avengers isues 1-30. 12 volumes in all and a bargain for $500. See what these sell for individually on eBay and you will see what a deal you are getting. Search your feelings! You know it to be true!

Pushkin Press set of books The Sorceres Apprentice * Confusion by Stefan Zweig * Andreas * Casanovas Return to Venice * A Life by Italo Svevo and one Archipelago Books book: Lenz by Georg Buchner. Six books in all, attractive small paperbacks. $20.

Joe R. Lansdale The Drive-In. Centipede Press. Signed edition. #43. Fine in dustjacket. $600. I am selling this for a family of a customer that passed away.

William F. Nolan Logans Run. Centipede Press. Signed edition. #164. Fine in dustjacket. $950. I am selling this for a family of a customer that passed away.

Michael Swanwick Stations of the Tide. William Morrow 1991 1st edition with full number line.  Signed by Swanwick on the title page.  Fine in jacket. $100.

Karl Edward WagnerIn a Lonely Place. Scream Press, 1984. 1st edition Limited #187/ 250 Fine in slipcase.   Signed by Wagner, Val Lakey Lindahn, and Ron Lindahn. $850.

Artists Inspired by Stephen KingSlipcased edition that is individually signed by Alan M. Clark (on page 347); Bob Eggleton (on pages 354 and 371); Don Maitz (on page 303); JohnPicacio (on pages 350 and 371); and Michael Whelan (on page 255). Great book. $850. I am selling this item for a customer.

After Such Knowledge setJames Blish. Centipede Press. #249 of all four books. Also includes Cities in Flight, Nelson Doubleday, Anywhen, Double Day And Works Of Art, NESFA Press, so seven books in all. All fine in dustjacket. $650 for all 7.

Dune Messiah slipcaseThese are extra slipcases that I have for Dune Messiah. New in shrinkwrap. $40.

Philip K. Dick slipcaseThese are extra slipcases that I have for the three Philip K. Dick novels I did a couple of years ago: The Cosmic Puppets, Vulcan’s Hammer, Dr. Futurity. New in shrinkwrap. $35.

Waltz Into Darkness Cornell Woolrich. Centipede Press. #VIII. Fine in dustjacket and shrinkwrap. $350.

The House Next DoorBest haunted house novel of the 1970s. Anne Rivers Siddons. Introduction by Stephen King. Unsigned. New. Clearance priced at $40.

The Director Shouldve Shot YouClassic book by Alan Dean Foster. Clearance priced. New in shrinkwrap. Not signed. $20.

Bats out of Hell Guy N. Smith. Unsigned copies. Clearance. $25.

Maynards HouseHerman Raucher. Clearance priced. Unsigned. Regular $75, now $35.

Frank Belknap LongLibrary of Weird Fiction. Excellent, massive collection. We just printed too many! $40 (from $60).

The SurvivorJames Herbert. A few unsigned new copies left for $40.

Lets Go Play at the AdamsMendal W. Johnson. Centipede Press edition. Unsigned cop. Clearance priced. $30.

The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird StoriesThis is the deluxe Folio Society edition in vegan leather and traycase with extra prints, limited to 750 copies. Hard to find now. I don’t know what copy number this one is. $1600.

Avedon The SixtiesRichard Avedone and Doon Arbus. Alfred A. Knopf, 1999. First edition. Fine in Mylar dustjacket. Very large book. Very handsome printing. $35.

One Flew Over the Cuckoos NestTwo disc DVD set. New. $6.

Kirby King of Comics Mark Evanier. Abrams, 2008. Fine in Mylar wrapped dustjacket. $55.

Dell Notebook Power Bank Plus Item number PW7015L, 65Wh. New in box. This is $150-$200 retail last I checked! $75.

Helmut Krone: The BookClive Challis. Cambridge, 2005. Fine in Mylar wrapped dustjacket. Fine study of the graphic designer Helmut Krone, creator of those legendary VW Beetle ads. Huge oversize book. $65.

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