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The items below marked "John Pelan Collection" are all wrapped in plastic. All used books are in new condition unless otherwise noted, wrapped up in a nice clear bag. All paperbacks and hardcovers listed are either first editions or first printings. John had excellent taste and when he bought a book in new condition, it stayed in new condition. Please be confident that you are getting top-flight books in excellent, although probably a tad less than perfect, shape!

Space On My HandsFredric Brown. Bantam old paperback. Very good. $5.

Salem's Lot Stephen King. Centipede Press, 2004. #51 of the signed edition. Signed by Stephen King and Jerry Uelamann. Fine in slipcase as issued. I am selling this for a customer. $8,000.

The Shawshank RedemptionThis is a fine quality DVD from 2004 which is inscribed to the owner on the inside of the case and signed by director Frank Darabont. A nice item. $65.

Charles L. Grant Masters of the Weird Tale. Slipcase only. Very nice. Holds magazines, comics, etc. $22.

Robert W. Chambers Masters of the Weird Tale. Centipede Press. Signed, #363. Fine in slicpase. $295.

Robert W. Chambers Masters of the Weird Tale. Centipede Press. Signed, #XVII. Fine in slicpase. $295.

Mad ManCentipede Press. R.A. Lafferty. Volume 7. Unsigned, slightly bumped corners. $40. This is $35 off retail.

The Director Shouldve Shot YouClassic book by Alan Dean Foster. Clearance priced. New in shrinkwrap. Not signed. $19. A sweet deal for just $19.

Doctor Strange #170 CGC 6.5. $60.

Doctor Strange #172 CGC 6.5. $60.

Doctor Strange #173 CGC 6.0. $90.

Doctor Strange #177 CGC 8.5. $170.

Doctor Strange #180 CGC 9.4. $325.

Doctor Strange #182 CGC 9.4. $325.

The Monster of Frankenstein #2 CGC 8.5. $110.

The Mighty Thor #151 CGC 5.0. $70.

The Mighty Thor #166 CGC 4.0. $45.

The Mighty Thor #168 CGC 4.5. $110.

Tales of Suspense #58 CGC 2.5. $85.

Tales of Suspense #80 CGC 4.5. $70.

Motel Hell Classic horror film from 1981. Steel Case Bluray. Very nice. New condition. $20.

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